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Important! Listings here are found in published documents, or group research (notes reserved, except as published on this site). They are for reference only, and do not constitute owners' permissions to investigate the sites!

This page is a hodge-podge of uncertainly classified events. We are certain it will grow and change over time.

This listing is sorted by town and quick-linked on the left navigation bar. It contains only reports published in print, documentary film, or television. For personal experiences or internet reports, please check our forum. This listing only contains literature you may reference for more information. Please see your local library (or favorite bookseller) for the full accounts and attached stories.

Indian Head

near Route 3 • 1961 - sighting and abduction.

  Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience, Friedman, Stanton T., and Marden, Kathleen, Career Press, 2007