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bridging science
and parascience

"A mechanic is only as good as his tools."


The above quote applies equally well to the pursuit of evidence of paranormal phenomena. And equally left out is that knowing how to use the tools properly is also vitally important. In this section we'll try to help with both - we present the tools, along with guidelines that suggest their most appropriate use.


Although we divided them as Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced, those headings are mostly arbitrary - the real dividing criteria couldn't easily be stated with one word. Still, everything listed as "Basic" is largely a "Must Have" item, and are indeed the bare bones basics. Please note, however, that some items are of very limited use to ghost hunting, just as several items are of very limited use to anyone else. The list is geared specifically to ghost hunting though, and as we delve into more ranges of phenomena we'll add to the list appropriately.

Eventually, we plan to write separate articles reviewing each tool, or group of tools, and post them in the library. After which we'll link them appropriately into the list so you may find any additional information you're looking for from precisely where you'll be most likely to want it.

Further, we expect to eventually generate cost, utility, and quality comparisons of different makes and models of each specific tool, and make the best and / or most cost effective (not always the same) items available for sale in our Merchandising pages. We may not be able to compete directly with big mass marketers as far as price, but we'll be able to guarantee that the exact units we review and praise will be the exact units for sale.

almost set up!
  •   As with Skills, feel free to try something new. "Intent" counts for much more than "following instructions," and if you find something different that works for you, please let us know. We have the forum and e-mail addresses here. Don't be afraid to use them, particularly so if you have questions.
  •   There are a huge number of equipment variations and modifications to be seen on the internet. Search them out and test them, modify them to your needs, and improve them to your satisfaction. We will be, also.
  •   There is one "tool" that could be equally considered a skill, which may eventually prove to be the most powerful around. We don't list it specifically because it's proper use requires extensive training. It's called "statistical analysis." We are working on this as well.