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Created: May 20, 2009
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bridging science
and parascience

"Protocol" is just another way of saying Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Perhaps the word has more rigorous connotations than we intend, but we use it because it's a single word and we prefer not using acronyms. For the purposes of the KRI, a protocol is a set of rules or instructions to be carried out in a consistent manner during our investigations.

Same way, every time!

Currently (as was true for our first full year investigating) we are testing and revising our protocols to make them instinctive, easy to follow, and efficient with regard to their intended purposes. The protocol sections in particular are written specifically for KRI investigators, and are required reading for our team. Each time they are updated, the core team will be e-mailed the changes, and each non-core member participating in an investigation will be asked to review them prior to inclusion - and, to point out, this statement in itself is a protocol. It's what we do and how we do it. They are clear and consistent rules so we are all doing the same things the same way every time, and the benefit of doing it this way is that as long as we honor those protocols anyone reviewing our evidence can also read the protocols to evaluate how we work.

Again, these are intended for internal use, and are updated frequently enough so that we do not necessarily list the changes in the log. To see when the last time any protocol has been revised, check the "Last modified" date in the footer of the appropriate page. We realize that changing procedures unannounced and with no record of what was in effect at the time of each of our prior investigations does in fact somewhat devalue the evidence collected there, but (again, this statement is in itself a protocol) we will be making hardcopies of the current protocols for each subsequent (beginning 1 July, 2009) investigation and including them appropriately in our files and archive.

The Center


  •   We are using 2009 to attempt to specifically relate "cause and effect" to the processes we use. We are experimenting heavily to determine what, if anything, we can do to increase the likelihood of capturing paranormal effects, and what we can and should do to better isolate them from mundane events.
  •   We've revised the protocols to list the "whys" as much as possible. By doing so we allow ourselves a better overview for determining what we do and how we do it. We'll be more free to make changes that won't interrupt original (if forgotten) intents.
  •   We expect the Protocols section will be heavily revised over the coming months, adding procedures and documentation for each specific piece of equipment we own and use.
  •   This stuff might make boring reading, but for the purposes of approaching scientific method, these are the most important sections to be reviewed.