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Created: May 16, 2009
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40 Pleasant St, Portsmouth, NH

This incident was not intended to be an investigation, per se. We had all the equipment along (rather than only pick and choose the pieces we expected we'd need) to record an experiment in physical mediumship at a location we believed to be largely "unaffected by ghosts." We may have chosen our site poorly.

There were no known anecdotes for the site, except for the observations of mediums (who are notorious for being able to sense spirits most anywhere). We only include this incident because it had such a dramatic effect on the members of the KRI team, all of whom were present.

the Center

We were attempting experiments to bring about physical mediumship, or physical effects in a "non-haunted" environment. Several of us reported subjective sensations, and perhaps even mild physical affects (temperature change, soft breezes), but nothing significant. It was suggested that perhaps we'd experience more without the trace lighting coming from the audio and video recorders, so piece by piece we gradually shut it all down. As the environment dropped down closer to absolute darkness, the effects did appear to exaggerate. It was at this point it is believed (as told to us by Beau) that we were intruded upon by a presence (other than the intended interactions with "guides," family, etc.). The situation became quite dramatic (and quite un-recorded), as Lorna in particular was affected.

As stated, this was a largely unrecorded event, and as per our own protocols should not be considered evidenciary. However, at one point in particular, Lorna was obviously experiencing something very new to her, and seemed to be in contact with the alleged presence. She (for lack of a better word) appeared to "open up," and this evening would have far-reaching consequences as a result - from prompting the formation of the KRI to forming a specific intent and direction for the four of us. This wholly subjective evening was dramatic enough to radically change the direction and configuration of the team, and began a chain of events too strange to more than allude to here. It will quite likely become a book at some point.

Is it haunted? Objectively, no - but objective or not, our experiences here "changed things."

Note: the Gallery photo "a very tired Lorna" was taken here, after it was all over.