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Created: November 3, 2009
Last modified: July 7, 2010

Kitt Research Initiative

Latest report - 3 November, 2009

There are all kinds of imminent changes going on here for us - the details on each or any could make for a substantial article in itself. So, here are the highlights:

First, the website. It has again undergone a major behind-the-scenes change, primarily to make it more cross-browser friendly. Come and look, it's all different - but you would've had to have been our biggest fan to have noticed!

At the same time, we've again checked the site's actual content and updated it faster than we can track the changes. A notable change will come soon in our article on Orbs - either it will be heavily modified or there will be a "Part II" added. With our recent Paranormal Citings entry, it was discovered that events, research, and investigations have "altered the situation" a bit from our perspective, and those changes (and possibly many others on this website) need to be addressed.

But these changes are NOTHING compared to some of the other events unfolding here. We've recently made some contacts who are working towards engaging Beau and Andy in much larger-scale lectures, including several outside our normal New England stomping grounds. Watch the calendar to monitor our progress in that regard.

Also, some long-lingering "loose ends" are finally beginning to coallesce into some major advances towards seeing the KRI team on the big screen before the end of 2011. Our own Mike Stevens threw something quick and clever onto YouTube, which got other members to start talking about the subject in "the right circles," and all of a sudden the project appears to be moving forward again. Much of the preliminary work has fallen right into place, so now it's just a matter of keeping that ball rolling.

A big part of "that ball" has been our search for sponsorship. Already committed to our aid is Crystal Myst - a manufacturer and marketer of (mostly hand-made) spiritual and meditative products - who is now graciously providing webhosting services and domain maintenance for our group. Feel free to visit them, and drop them a line letting them know that you found their name through interaction with us!

Similarly, we are currently in negotiation with two local businesses to find office space for the Kitt Research Initiative! Aside from the fact the location being considered is gorgeous, has ample conference (and other gathering) rooms, and is very centrally located for the entire team, it is one of New Hampshire's "legendary haunts!" If a lease becomes fact, expect our staff to formalize a number of ideas that have previously sat idle on the "drawing board" - such as in-depth training sessions, conducted in a location with known activity. Keep your fingers crossed!