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Created: September 9, 2009
Last modified: July 9, 2010

Kitt Research Initiative

Slow and steady... - 9 September, 2009

Although it's often difficult to see, the KRI is continuing to make forward progress. Some of the more obvious examples would be an invite to return to a television show, and our new internet radio presence ("Intellectual Spirituality" on BlogTalkRadio). Less obvious is some of the feedback we are receiving from our work with Paranormal Citings, and our recent participation in Portsmouth's third presentation of Pecha Kucha night. These various endeavors are (we hope) laying the groundwork for positioning the KRI as one of the better, more careful, groups. When we say we are trying to bridge parascience to science, we expect to do so - grounded in reason and incredulity. We hope the information we put out there adequately reflects this.

Other important changes include Andy's relinquishing some of his controls and duties. Lorna will be utilizing her forensics and training experience to put together some excercises and lectures about the technical ("how-to") aspects of ghost hunting and research, while Mike's duties have been focused directly onto equipment handling and evidence analysis (duties he'd more or less already taken on with excellence and grace). Although Andy insists that this redistribution of labor is so he can devote more time to "juggling," word has it that he is busy writing a book on the history and science of paranormal research.

And a final (and unexpected) change - we're testing a new team member. Ken Cayer (Lorna's father) will be participating in our next few investigations as perimeter security. Ken, a former Mr. New Hampshire, is further qualified for this task through his advanced martial arts training. With an additional member whose sole purpose is to monitor outside activity, we feel we can add an entirely new level to the validity of the evidence we collect - through our normal process of data synchronization, we will be able to state with a higher level of confidence whether outside noises, lights, or other influences are affecting the site during an investigation. Also, we expect his extensive experience with still photography (both as an imaging specialist for 3M, and years as a professional photographer) to improve our skills and use of still imaging.