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Created: July 17, 2009
Last modified: July 9, 2010

Kitt Research Initiative

What's new? - 17 July, 2009

First, we should probably announce somewhere that Andy has moved to Greenland. Although he was offline for over a month due to the move (reflected in the lack of website maintenance!), he is currently settling in and getting back to work. As his new contact information becomes available, this website will be updated accordingly. Lorna, too, is working on relocating closer to Portsmouth, but her contact information will not be changing.

The move has some far-reaching effects on the functions of the group. Until we had a firm address and phone number, the group has been hesitant to add any dates or functions to the calendar. Also, Beau has had a change in scheduling assistants, adding to that effect. We'd like to state here that those were mere bumps in the road that had to be overcome. We've continued investigating in the interim, but the results of those investigations may be slower than normal in review and resolution.

Some serious bonuses to the changes are easier access to highways and a room devoted to research for Andy, and a more interactive scheduling system for Beau.

A second (and equally important) change is the KRI's increasing involvement with outside organizations. For several months now, Andy has been participating in a blog sponsored by the Kalamazoo Gazette specifically addressing aspects of paranormal investigation. The blog is called Paranormal Citings, and is accessible here.

Also, the KRI has obtained membership in the Windbridge Institute. Windbridge is an organization which has been carrying on the work of Dr. Gary E. Schwartz and Dr. Julie Beischel, who (through the VERITAS and SOPHIA Projects of the University of Arizona) have been working to statistically validate the efficacy of certain mental mediums. Among those validated through UAs programs are John Edward (formerly of TVs "Crossing Over") and Allison DuBois, the individual on which the TV show "Medium" is based. We hope to glean enough information from this arrangement to validate the capabilities of our own Medium, Isabeau Esby.

Further, we expect in the next six months the KRI will become members of additional organizations devoted to experimentation and research into phenomena such as the Society for Psychical Research - which maintains an extensive online library of some of the greatest thinking on the subject - and other similar organizations. We feel working with these groups, and gaining access to their substantial literary holdings, will provide us with enough additional information and theory so that we may adjust and refine our own methods and protocols to better obtain high confidence results in our future endeavors.