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Created: May 11, 2009
Last modified: July 9, 2010

Kitt Research Initiative

Where did Seacoast Paranormal go? - 11 May, 2009

We put it back where it belonged. The original purpose of the Seacoast Paranormal Research Group was to act as a networking group for the members of the many various investigating organizations in the Seacoast, NH, region, and those who wished to connect with them. We, the core investigation team of the SPRG, feel that the social arm of the SPRG is failing that mission, and that we are to blame. We feel that by fielding a team of investigators under the SPRG name, we are putting the Group's focus on the team instead of the networking.

Further, we feel there is a distinct difference between the motivations of ourselves and many in the SPRG. Our goals have drifted. What started as a simple desire to "experience" paranormal manifestations (as with most Group members) has, for us, developed into a drive to understand and define them, and to bring that understanding to the greater public. As surely as we were affecting the Group, the Group has been affecting us, by making us feel the need to strive for "inclusiveness" rather than focusing on our real goal.

So what's the solution? You're looking at it now. Since our first investigation, we have been trying to keep the social and investigative aspects of the SPRG separate, and it didn't work. Each side hampers the other from doing the things it should be doing, so the only answer we have is to complete the split. The investigative side of the Seacoast Paranormal Research Group is no more. The core team is now the Kitt Research Initiative.

We expect the benefits to both groups to be enormous. Without a "Group Team," the SPRG should get involved within itself, and foster the kind of environment which was its original intent - that of getting people interacting with others of equal interest, motivation, and commitment levels, from which they can form their own groups. The benefit to the KRI is that it lets us feel free to pursue our combined interests, and share our skills and discoveries, unfettered by the expectations and preconceived notions of others.

We've been leaning towards this split for some time now, and have reflected it often in meetings and on the website. All we've really done here is formalize that.

But what does this mean for the SPRG? First, Andy will be stepping down as Organizer. Beau has generously offered to fund the Meetup but doesn't want to actually manage it, so we'll be looking for a new Organizer or (if Beau lists herself as Organizer) at least one new Assistant Organizer to do that. Mike and Lorna will also be stepping down, so - depending on who takes over the management - there may be several more assistants added.

Further, we expect to keep the KRI members accessible, and to provide the SPRG with whatever support we feel we can reasonably provide - from our accustomed social participation to training. We strongly hope to help the SPRG achieve its original goals and will do whatever we can to help that happen, and should the SPRG ever desire to field its own investigating team again, we'll be behind that effort too.

The former SPRG core team (the KRI) believes that the team was inhibiting the networking function of the social group, and that the pressures and dissimilarities of opinion in the SPRG were damping our investigative efforts. Separation is our only viable solution to restore the integrity of both halves of the organization. From here, we both fly free ... .