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Created: May 14, 2009
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bridging science
and parascience

Carrying out our mission...

We at the Kitt Research Initiative have encountered problems with regard to how paranormal events are investigated. It's from analyzing these problems we've arrived at our mission statement. The focus of this page is to clarify that, and how and why we intend to address those issues.

Perhaps the most substantial problem we see is that academic science seems to have wholly abandoned research into any field that resembles "metaphysics," "paranormal," parapsychology," or any other label you give it. Worse - there are tiny pockets of legitimate research, but they are largely isolated, ostracized, or even perhaps anathematized. An academic scientist who publicly declares research efforts in this direction is generally considered to have shot himself in the career-foot. We're left with the question, why?

The only answer we can find lies in the extremism of the two opposing poles. Hardcore academia appears too deeply entrenched in Materialism and its own pedagoguery to recognize the fact history shows no matter how complete we believe our understanding of science is, there remains a core of phenomena that don't "fit in." Opposite them are the profiteering New Agers and professional Skeptics, who will say anything to make a buck, knowing full well that there is no one to refute their insubstantial claims.

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You will, of course, note that we see no difference between skeptics and their "archrivals." That's because both factions tend to argue by assertion rather than actually testing their paradigms, or (worse) claim that because Example A is true (or false) so must be Examples B, C, and D. Irrespective of trappings, both are frauds.

In the middle - between those who believe nothing without exhaustive testing and meticulous "fitting it into" extant knowledge, and those who believe their own paradigm to the exclusion of all else without any legitimate testing at all - are the rest of us. We don't just want answers - we want the right answers. And we want them tested, and validated, and explained in terms we understand. And we are willing to have our own paradigms rewritten to accomodate a realistic comprehension of the world we are actually experiencing.

This, we expect, is where KRI fits in. We feel that if we can eliminate enough of the out and out fraud, demonstrate sufficiently unexplainable phenomena, and provide a firm and stable groundwork for academic science to work from, perhaps we can inspire enough serious interest to take our efforts to the next step - real, legitimate, scientific testing. Our mission statement lists the functions we feel we need to perform to get there.

And a few more functions as well: spreading the skills to other groups, getting the knowledge to the public at large, and returning something to the community. We are primarily "ghost hunters" here. We've elected that route into the world of paranormal phenomena because we felt it was the most repeatable and testable. It remains fully possible that many of these fields are somehow linked, and we will explore those possibilities eventually - just not right now, short of some anomaly falling into our lap.

Along the lines of ghost-hunting, however, we feel the most closely aligned function we can perform for the communities in which we investigate is to help with the maintenance of our burial grounds. Here in New England it might be more painfully obvious what weather and vandalism are doing to these groves of local history than in other parts of the country, but we feel it important to maintain these links to our past. If you believe in the Spiritualist paradigm - that ghosts are personalities which survive after death - part of what we do can be viewed as releasing the past from our present. By helping restore and maintain our cemeteries, we bring some of that past back into now. "Balance" would be preserved. As our funding enables us, so shall we do.